Champions: Bay City

The Story so far ...

In 1995 San Francisco was hit by a 7.6 magnitude Earthquake, this devastated the Bay area. The memory of the 6.9 that had occurred in ‘89 was becoming a dim memory Many local communities were prepared for a natural disaster like this, The local supers tried to help with Disaster relief, But the primary team, The Guardians were ’Off-world’ and had no Idea what was happening, so the newer teams and solo heroes were busy with damage control and preventing looting and the chaos that broke out because of it. Tens of billions in damage and hundreds of lives lost and thousands injured, San Francisco and the surrounding area pulled themselves out of the rubble, rolled up their sleeves and started to rebuild. The area Capes (including some Villains) and Agencies aided where they could.

Bay City was an accident. No one ever expected to try to merge a dozen or more municipalities, let alone three separate counties, into a single political entity. But nature has a way of throwing curveballs ….
Even before Nasty Nine-Five, the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that rocked the Bay Area, the various communities had made emergency plans for such a natural disaster. The cities of Silicon Valley created an Emergency District and, in response, San Francisco, Oakland, and some of the Peninsula cities formed the Bay Area Cities Emergency Relief Council.

The Council’s purpose was to coordinate disaster relief and Federal emergency funds. Over a course of months, more and more cities were added to the Council, until every community on the Peninsula north of Palo Alto was a member. The Council’s organizers calculated that such a broad membership would give them quite a bit of clout come a major shake (or flood or other disaster.)

Then came the Nasty Nine-Five. The Council members got out from under their desks when the shaking stopped, and knew that they were in big trouble. The fifty-seven second earthquake had devastated the area. The politicians looked out over the destruction and screamed for help. Federal help. State help. Paranormal help. Any kind of help. And, surprisingly enough, it worked. The Federal Government, pleased to only have to deal with one entity, coughed up disaster relief funds with an open hand. The paranormal population of the area pitched in, and helped re-build the freeway system in record time. While they were at it, the Guardians, along with other local Capes, turned a small land mass in the Bay into an artificial island, and helped construct the badly-needed Emperor Norton Bridge. Once the relief efforts were well under way, the various mayors and other city officials took a moment to assess the situation. It was obvious that the rebuilding would take years, and the Council would have to stay in existence during that time. Mayor Bobby Greene raised the possibility of making the Council permanent,
and incorporating it as a giant metropolis. After much discussion, the Council’s name was shortened to simply “*Bay City*,” and articles of incorporation were drawn up.

The initial idea was considered elegant by some. The newly incorporated Bay City would be governed by a council made up by the various mayors of the municipalities involved. Each former city would function like a semi-autonomous district, and still elect their own mayor and other officials. It sounded simple. Of course, there were problems. Many city departments were combined to eliminate duplication of effort. Some of these, such as combining the police departments into one big and efficient organization, took considerable time and had to be reorganized several times. Others, like the expanded Water District, were much easier to implement. There were growing pains, but things seemed to be going along well. Then the joker was dealt.
People had overlooked the political angle. Seeing a new organization, and a new power base, all of the new council members began jockeying for position. Many important issues were ignored as the mayors vied to see who would be top dog. It seemed as though Bay City was doomed from the start.
Then Mayor Bobby stepped forward. Using the techniques he used to bring his Board of Supervisors in line, he crushed all opposition. He forged an alliance with Luther Androtti, the mayor of Berkeley, and the two of them took control of the council. In the process, Androtti became a mouthpiece and yes-man for Bobby. The new mayor of Bay City appeased the rest of his opposition by tossing around plum jobs in the various city agencies. Or, in Bobby’s words veni, vidi, veci. He came, he saw, and he took over. Things have been running smoothly since.
Today, Bay City is one of the largest cities in America. Certainly, it is the largest when you consider city boundaries. While there are still many factions and power struggles on the Council, Mayor Bobby has things well in hand, and quashes any sign of rebellion ruthlessly. The other city official have learned to live with this situation, and it appears that Mayor Bobby will hold his job for as long as he wants to. Many people pray that Bobby will get
national ambitions, and leave his post to run for the Senate. Mayor Bobby’s chief rival is Elius Wilson from Oakland.


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