Welcome to my Champions Game, Bay City on the Rocks. This is a 5th Edition rules game set in a Modern San Francisco, but with a few Changes. It is my goal to create a Hero campaign that will have a Bronze age comic feel, a fun, mature game without being dark. While I wont be adhering to the Comic code I will maintain the spirit of the Code….

I also will be striving to use very little if any of the characters from the Comic Books, Champions has a rich background and an even richer Well of characters to utilize. I have also begun to incorporate a few things from Mutants & Masterminds fluff. It should be about a 90/10 mix in favor of the Champions Universe. Also I will be throwing in a small mix of my own home brew.

I have decided to use 5E over 6E because in 6E, several rule changes that were in effect I didn’t care for nor did I like how bloated the points became for Character Creation, Yes I could lower points but power costs changed and the villains followed in this point hike, so for my sanity and limited time available that I have for Game Work we will use 5E.

Champions: Bay City